Piano lessons online

Piano lessons online

Whether you just want to play for yourself and for relaxation, or pursue ambitious goals – I will help you with your artistic journey either in German or English.

You want to be taught on your own instrument, but there are no suitable teaching opportunities in your area? You have a hectic everyday life and can’t use any additional travel time? Your working hours change regularly and you need flexible teaching dates that fit your daily rhythm?

Then piano lessons online could be just right for you.

I offer lessons via Zoom, Skype or Sirius. Sirius is a new platform developed specifically for instrumental lessons with better sound quality and additional tools for teaching. It is also DSGVO compliant and just like Zoom or Skype, completely free for you to use.

Never worked with such software before? Don’t know what settings you need exactly? Feel free to send me your concerns via email or contact form and we will clarify this in advance.

What you need for class:

  • a tablet or laptop

  • a stable internet connection

  • an instrument at home

  • a pinch of curiosity and a bit of courage

  • Optionally, you can add a webcam, microphone, headphones and a suitable holder for the laptop or tablet to your setup later.

You learn very independently and flexibly right from the start, from the comfort of your own home. Yet you are never left alone: In addition to your

online piano lessons


you can send me video recordings of your playing for evaluation. I will provide you with the respective lesson materials you need before or after a lesson. And to ensure that no aspect of your education is missed, you’ll receive additional lessons on ear training, rhythm, and theory using EarMaster.

FAQ about online piano lessons

How often do I need to practice?

In the beginning, 10-15 minutes a day would be ideal. From then on you can increase it more and more until you reach about 30 minutes per day. Cheat days are allowed in between ;)

Why do I need lessons to learn to play the piano anyway?

Especially in the beginning it is important to learn good posture and correct playing movements. As a beginner, you are rarely aware of the countless smaller and larger things that you are not yet doing quite right. Left to your own devices, such habits quickly become ingrained and you need a lot of time and patience to resolve them.

It also helps a lot to have someone by your side who is always motivating and helping out with difficulties, explaining things and picking out exercises for problems.

And it’s also a lot more fun to go on a musical journey of discovery together with another person.

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Am I too old to start playing the piano yet?

Absolutely not!

Adults and children approach piano lessons differently, but it’s never too late to start. The desire to express oneself musically is as old as mankind. And as a retiree, one usually no longer has the desire to conquer the stages of the world, but to enjoy making music. One is really never too old for that.

Learning the piano with handicaps and disabilities – is that even possible?

Yes, absolutely! Unfortunately not with all restrictions, but many difficulties can be incorporated into the lessons and worked in individually. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions about this.

Do I have to play classical music for years to learn to play the piano?

No! You have to learn to play what you want to play. Classical music makes it a little easier to learn the right technique, but there is a lot of piano music that has nothing to do with classical and is just as fantastic.

That said, it always makes sense to be open to the different genres of music, there is so much to discover.

Why do I need music theory?

You need an understanding of basic music theory to be able to analyze and better understand pieces. It helps in the interpretation of pieces as well as in learning by heart.

That being said, you don’t necessarily need music theory to be able to read and play pieces. It just makes it easier and faster, and in my opinion, more fun ;)

Can I also learn to play the piano with a keyboard?

Unfortunately, no. You can start with a keyboard, but you should replace it after the first few months.

The main reasons are: The keys are not weighted, i.e. you get used to a completely different technique on a keyboard than is needed for playing a piano. You also hardly learn to control the sound of your own notes while playing. The smaller key range of a keyboard becomes a difficulty a little later, but it is also a factor.

How does a trial lesson work?

I come to you or we meet online and “get to know” each other first: You tell me what is important to you and what goals you have, and I look where you are currently, so I can pick you up there. You can ask me all kinds of questions and see if the chemistry between us is right and you can imagine working with me. After the appointment you can decide at your leisure what you want, and if you feel like taking lessons with me, get back in touch with me.

What is EarMaster and does it cost me extra money?

EarMaster is an established auditory training program that also allows me as a teacher to create custom exercises for my students.

You don’t have to use it, but I would highly recommend it: It costs nothing extra and will help you become a better musician.

At what age does it make sense to start playing the piano?

Children can start piano lessons from the age of 5 or 6. Before that, lessons are possible in individual cases, but early musical education is much more recommended for children between 2 and 5.

How does an online piano lesson work?

You will receive a link or access data for the online service of your choice (Zoom, Skype, Sirius) from me in advance of the lesson. You log in shortly before the start of your lesson and I will then bring you into the virtual classroom at the beginning of your lesson. Then the online piano lesson runs almost completely like a regular lesson.

If you wish, we can record sections of the online piano lesson so you can review the most important things over and over again.

Request trial lesson

Whether old or young, big or small – I’ll pick you up where you are on your way to becoming a master pianist. Together we’ll find out what goals you want to achieve and I’ll help you get there.

The trial lesson is free of charge. In case of on-site lessons, there is a flat rate of 15 Euros for travel expenses (outside 5 km radius).

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